It was shortly after the Second World War that the Van der Jeugt (VDJ) family started its processing of natural casings.

Over the years, VDJ's market has become increasingly international.

For many years, our natural casings were produced, processed, sorted and delivered locally. However, in the 1970s part of the production was relocated to countries such as Tunisia and Portugal. In the 1990s, we moved into Poland and since 2010 we have been working with Chinese partners, in order to preserve our independence and quality.

For a long time, our sorting and distribution activities continued to be based in rural Daknam (our hometown), but in the wake of the professionalization and expansion of our sector a brand new distribution center was opened in 1995 on the Waaslandlaan industrial estate in Lokeren.

These changes have not altered the basic principle: natural casings are a pure and 100% natural product. Knowledge of this product is essential and the company's expertise has been passed from father to son and from son to daughter and son-in-law. As a result, the wisdom accumulated through the years has remained in the firm. So too has our familial approach, using our knowledge and experience to always find the best possible solution for our customers.

At the same time, the company's growth, global expansion, rational management and response to market demands were linked to this traditional approach. This is what VDJ will continue to do.

Our team is always at your disposal for professional advice.