From the sheep's entrails, it is mainly the small intestines that are processed.

Sheep casings are ideally suited for these types of sausage:

  • Frankfurter
  • Small black puddings and white puddings (as appetizers)
  • Bratwurst (fresh frying sausage)
  • Barbecue sausage
  • Chipolata
  • Merguez

A-quality (stable when cooked) is perfect for Frankfurters, Wieners (Vienna sausages) and Bockwurst.

AB-, B- and BC- quality (sprinkler or porous casings) are highly suitable for frying sausages like chipolatas and merguez.

How we deliver your casings:

any size from 14 mm up to 28/+ mm.

  • dry-salted
  • in brine
  • on softtube/hardtube
  • VDJ Pre-Flushed Wet Pack (ready to fill)

and all in barrels, E2 crates, buckets and vacuum bags.