Practically all entrails of the pig are used industrially.

Butchers mostly use the small intestines, more widely known as casings.

Small intestine casings are available in various calibers. The choice of caliber depends on what kind of sausage the manufacturer or butcher wants to make.

Hog casings are ideally suited for these types of sausage:

  • Fresh sausage
  • Bratwurst (frying sausage)
  • Barbecue sausage
  • Black pudding
  • Smoked sausage
  • Dried sausage

How we deliver your hog casings:

Hog casing:

any size from 26 mm up to 45/+ mm.

  • dry-salted
  • in brine
  • on softtube/hardtube
  • VDJ Pre-Flushed Wet Pack (ready to fill)

Hog bung-cap:

  • hog or sow bung-cap, salted.

Hog middle (large intestine):

  • Fat intestine. Rarely used in Belgium.


  • from size 35 cm up to 100/+ cm, salted.


  • size for filling weights from 800 g up to 2500/+ g, salted.

and all in barrels, E2 crates, buckets and vacuum bags.