The food industry processes almost all of the entrails of beef cattle. The small intestine (or beef runner) is mainly used to make saveloys (cervelas), black puddings and dried sausages. Another widely used intestine is the beef bung-cap, which is used to produce ham sausage (spam), veal sausage, black pudding and dried sausage.

Beef casings are ideally suited for these types of sausage:

  • Ardennes sausage
  • Farmhouse sausage
  • Antwerp sausage
  • Black pudding
  • Garlic sausage
  • Ham sausage
  • Dry sausage
  • Parisian sausage

How we deliver your beef casings:

Beef casing:

  • any desired caliber from 37 mm to 46/+ mm, packs of 18 meters, dry-salted.

Beef bung cap:

  • caliber 115/130 mm, 130/+ mm and 140/+ mm, dry-salted.

Beef middle:

  • any desired caliber from 55/60 mm, 60/65 mm and 65/+ mm, packs of 9 meters, dry-salted.

and all in barrels, E2 crates, buckets and vacuum bags.