The Craft

The preparation and sorting of natural casings is a trade - a craft - where experience and precision are of the utmost importance. Natural casing, after all, does not come from a machine, it is a naturally grown product with a variable caliber (diameter), length and properties.

The skill and workmanship involves cleaning and sorting the natural casings to make a product that the professional sausage maker can work with. Moreover, thanks to our three generations of experience and our use of the latest technology, we can provide a reliable product that is always the right size and the right length.

It is impossible to predict how the casing will come out of the animal. However, you can always be certain how the casing will come out of our packaging: because the caliber, quality and length are clearly listed on the outside.

The best way to appreciate the dexterity involved is to watch the handling process of the natural casing, to see how it passes through the hands of our employees, how it is unravelled in seconds. Our hands are our main working tools, not our machines.

An additional advantage of our knowledge and experience is that you can always contact us for advice, based on more than 60 years in the trade, to find out what casing from what animal and what caliber is the best choice for you.


The sorting of natural casings is in our genes.

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