Tip 1

Happy and healthy New Year 2024!

Click on the link and drive into the new year with us!


Tip 2

We hebben raar opgekeken toen we de lijst van de beroepen overliepen die door de Daknamse inwoners worden uitgeoefend. We ontdekten er warempel een schaapsherder tussen, maar ook een darmenhandelaar en een zeekapitein. Dat onze nieuwsgierigheid gewekt was spreekt vanzelf en dat we die kluif niet wensen te laten rusten is evenmin een wonder. We trokken er dus op af en kregen een lange rij verhaaltjes te horen die we te Daknam nooit hadden vermoed.

Het feit dat... More

Tip 3

The Lokerse Feesten are one of the most popular summer festivals. For the hungry there are, inevitably, the 'Lokerse' sausages. These are horse sausages in a sauce with tomatoes. Many people are scared of horse meat. Unjustified, because it is among the healthiest and leanest meat types. For the sake of peace I will not sing the praise of horse meat here, but limit myself to the reason for this piece: I was invited by friends in Daknam (Lokeren) for a picturesque nature walk along... More

Tip 4

Not only vegetable material, but also animal residual waste can perfectly serve as a raw material for design. Did you know that one gut of a cow can be up to 50 meters long? The Danish designer Kathrine Barbro Bendixen apparently does: she actually made a collection of lamps with "Inside Out". Each lamp consists of a hanging fixture and an LED tube surrounded by the meter-long cow intestine. In preparation, the casing was first turned inside out and covered with a thin layer of foil for... More

Tip 5

The globally recognized unit of measurement for hog casings and sheep casings is called the "Hank":

1 Hank = 100 yards = 91,4 meters

When sorting it is not possbile that 91,4 meters are always supplied precisely, otherwise the calibration or the length per end would suffer. The rule here is that the number of meters varies between 88 and 92 meters. The average of 10 Hanks must be 91,4 meters per "Hank".

Tip 6

An honest product starts with a honest label. Making the right decision will save you money and the right decision always starts with the right information.

Above all, you should pay attention to the following points:

Quantity: Often this is unclear. Packs of an average of 91 meters (1 Hank = 100 yards) are standard. So make sure that you know exactly what you are buying. The calibre: choose the right diameter for the right sausage. Did you... More

Tip 7

The natural casings are dry, tough, stiff.

⇒ Insufficient desalting. This causes a tough and hard natural casing.

The natural casings are lying in a tub of cold water. Now there are holes.

⇒ The natural casings were not totally immersed in the water. As a result bacteria were formed on the part of the natural casing which is located above water.

I rinced the natural casings and placed them in lukewarm water. I see that I have too much. What... More