The most common notifications

The natural casings are dry, tough, stiff.

⇒ Insufficient desalting. This causes a tough and hard natural casing.

The natural casings are lying in a tub of cold water. Now there are holes.

⇒ The natural casings were not totally immersed in the water. As a result bacteria were formed on the part of the natural casing which is located above water.

I rinced the natural casings and placed them in lukewarm water. I see that I have too much. What do I do with the surplus?

⇒ When reused the next day: Immerse in cold water and store in refrigerator at 3°C.

⇒ If not: salt with common salt.

May I salt natural casings with nitrite salt?

⇒ No, do not use nitrite salt. This may lead to discolouration of the sausage.

Natural casings fall apart.

⇒ the natural casings are placed in lukewarm water (37°C), after they have been rinsed in cold water (desalination). If this water is too hot, the casing burns and falls apart.

The natural casing is 'twisted'.

⇒ You start by filling a bucket with water before you put the natural casings in there. If you first place the natural casings in the bucket and then you fill it with water, you will create bundles by the water pressure.